Julian Pencilliah

Author of The Jetstream of Success

Julian Pencilliah is one of those individuals who displays an outstanding aptitude for business. He has positioned his companies within global market sectors and is heavily invested in Quantitative Trading, Information Technology and Online Media sectors.

The Jetstream Of Success & Billionaire Mind Books

The Jetstream Of

In The Jetstream of Success, author Julian Pencilliah uses his personal experiences from across the globe as metaphors to awaken the reader to the spectrum of conjectures that, if left unmanaged, will result in the reader going down the path of complacancy and mediocrity. Julian uses rich humour to deliver deep insights about the workings of the mind and because of this, the concepts of love, fear, belief, success and failure become more enhanced and impacts the reader’s life more possitively .

The Jetstream of Success- Monaco


This chapter was architected to offer you a competitive advantage in life. The book culminates in the Monaco Grand Prix to help you identify with the concept of life in full throttle. Life is what you make of it. It goes by in a flash. We find that as we reach our more mature life cycles, we don’t regret our setbacks, our heartbreaks or our failures as much as we regret the opportunities that we fail to act on. We spend our whole lives gaining knowledge. It almost seems to be an unspoken quest; however, there will be a day when you will realize that knowledge in isolation offers no value. Intelligence is knowing what’s required of you.

"Life Becomes a Race"
-Julian Pencilliah